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Shanghai 4New Control Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development of oil and liquid cooling and filtering, cutting fluid purification and regeneration, oil and scum removal, oil-water separation, oil-mist collection, chip dehydration, efficient transportation of chip dirty liquid, waste chip pressing, gas mist condensation and recovery, oil precise temperature control and other equipment for various equipment and production line; Design and manufacture various cutting fluid centralized filtration systems, special and high-precision filtering and temperature control devices and test equipment for users, and provide supporting filtering materials and filtering and temperature control technical services.


30+ years of operating experience, leading product design and technical services gradually cover the entire field of metal cutting processing; R&D and production are developing steadily; The technical capabilities will be comparable to world-class enterprises and will move from domestic to international; 4New has passed the ISO9001/CE certificates and has scored several patents and awards; Create value for customers, coexist and win-win with employees; Help transform traditional processing and manufacturing into advanced manufacturing.

Hundreds of famous enterprises at home and abroad, including GM in the United States and Landis in the United Kingdom, Junker in Germany and Schleiffing Machine Tool Group in Germany, Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, Changchun FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Motor Engine, DPCA, Grundfos Water Pump, SKF Bearing, etc., have selected our products as their supporting facilities.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Business Concept

4New takes the mission of "green processing" and "circular economy" as the company's mission to constantly develop and innovate consumable free filtering, and strives to make progress towards the ideal goal of "Higher Clarity, Smaller Thermal Deformation, Lower Environmental Pollution, and Lesser Resource Consumption" in green manufacturing. Because it conforms to the development direction of human society and is the only way for the sustainable development of manufacturing industry, it is also the way for 4New's sustainable development.



Professional Services

4New has a complete service system and a professional service team with rich professional knowledge and on-site service experience to provide users with one-stop services from product selection to installation and commissioning. Over 30 years, 4New has provided hundreds of users in machine tool industry, automobile industry and other industries at home and abroad with various cooling temperature control, filtering and purification devices with excellent performance, so that users can enjoy the best products and services at the lower cost.

Production Equipment


Laser cutting machine

2. Shearing machine

Shearing machine


Bending machine

4. Lathe



Bench drill

5. Plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutting machine

7. Electric welding machine

Electric welding machine

8. Threading machine

Threading machine

Background of 4New Company

4New Control1

As we know, metal cutting will generate a lot of heat to wear tools and deform workpieces. It is necessary to use coolant to quickly take away the processing heat and control the processing temperature. However, the strong friction between the impurities in the coolant and the tool and workpiece will deteriorate the quality of the machined surface, shorten the tool life, and also produce a lot of oil mist to pollute the air, waste liquid and slag to damage the environment.

Therefore, improving the cleanliness of cutting fluid and controlling the temperature of cutting fluid can reduce tolerance dispersion, reduce waste products, improve tool durability and effectively improve machining quality.

In addition, the precision temperature control technology can also be used to precisely control the thermal deformation of parts to improve the machining accuracy. For example, controlling the temperature change of the reference gear of the gear grinder within ± 0.5 ℃ can realize the gapless transmission and eliminate the transmission error; The screw pitch error can be controlled with micrometer accuracy by adjusting the screw processing temperature with 0.1 ℃ accuracy. Obviously, precision temperature control can help machining achieve high-precision machining that can not be achieved by mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other technologies alone.

4New Control2

Oil mist collection and waste liquid and residue treatment are also indispensable environmental protection measures for most cutting processes.

Therefore, metal cutting in modern manufacturing industry can not be separated from cleanliness control and temperature control, while precision machining depends more on high-precision cleanliness control and temperature control. Perfect industrial production and processing and manufacturing also need to protect the environment while efficiently producing to achieve "green processing", which is the only way for the sustainable development of advanced manufacturing industry.

Around the 1980s, machine tool manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and equipment manufacturing in developed countries used cleanliness control and temperature control to improve product quality, distribute oil mist collection and reduce environmental pollution. However, this field has not been paid attention to in China, the temperature, cleanliness and environmental impact of process fluid have not received due attention, and there are no good technologies and products to provide "green processing" support for the processing and manufacturing industry.

Under such circumstances, Mr. Pang Xin founded the "Shanghai 4New Electromechanical Factory" in 1990. In the same year, he applied for the registered trademark "4New control", designed and manufactured cold control products based on the concept of "New Concept, New Technology, New Process and New Product" to achieve cleanliness control, temperature control, oil mist collection and waste liquid and residue treatment in the processing process. While improving product quality and reducing waste rate, Protect workshop environment and realize "green processing". Since then, 4New has embarked on a dream journey lasting more than 30 years - providing clean control, temperature control and environmental protection for the sustainable development of the processing and manufacturing industry, and realizing "green processing".

Our Story

In 1990, “Shanghai 4New Electromechanical Factory” was established, which started the journey of putting the concept of “green processing” into practice, focusing on precision temperature control and precision filtration technical services.

In 1993, the vice president of American Landis Grinder Company visited the factory and appreciated 4New’s spirit of technological innovation. The next year, 4New began to manufacture matching coolant precision filter and temperature control devices for Landis crankshaft grinder and camshaft grinder with its own technology.

In 1997, the American General Motors Engine Factory visited the 4New and selected the “4New” to provide cooling, filtering and temperature control equipment for Shanghai GM’s new factory.

In October 1998, “4New Factory” developed into “Shanghai 4New Control Co., Ltd.” and applied for the registration of the second trademark “4New Clean&Cooling”. As a brand representative and innovative company in the field of electromechanical cooling control in China, 4New began to develop rapidly.

In 2000, 4New established official website http://www.4NewCC.com Use the latest information dissemination technology to introduce 4New’s products and technologies to more users, and use 4New’s professional knowledge and rich experience to provide users with the best service.

In 2002, GM’s global procurement director visited 4New, and 4New became GM’s overseas cooling control equipment supplier, and provided various products and technical services such as filtration, temperature control, oil mist collection, etc. for Shanghai GM and its local branches.

In 2007, the centralized oil mist collection and treatment system developed by 4New began to support the engine production line of Shanghai Volkswagen to systematically solve the oil mist pollution in the workshop.

In 2008, 4New’s precision cooling control filters were exported to Germany and the United Kingdom, and China’s cooling control products represented by the 4New brand began to go abroad.

In 2009, 4New’s large-scale cutting fluid centralized filtering system matched the bearing production line of the Dalian factory of SKF Group in Sweden, the world leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. 4New’s technology and products began to enter the high-end bearing manufacturing industry.

Since 2010, 4New’s precision temperature control filters have been exported to Thailand, India, Turkey, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries to support the production line of GM’s local automobile engine factory.

In 2011, 4New’s high-precision grinding oil precoating filter was exported to South Korea for Germany JUNKER grinder.

Since 2012, 4New has become a supplier of Scheaffler Bearing Group in Germany, and provided supporting precision filtration and temperature control systems for cutting fluid and grinding oil for Scheaffler bearing manufacturers in India, Russia and other countries.

In 2013, 4New developed and manufactured a cutting fluid purification and regeneration vehicle that can extend the service life of cutting fluid, and transformed the cutting fluid purification and regeneration technology that has been studied for many years into practical products, taking an important step to reduce the environmental damage caused by cutting fluid emissions.

Since 2014, 4New has further increased its R&D investment, innovated technologies and products such as high-precision filtration of consumable free cutting fluid, low energy consumption steam condensation recovery, purification and regeneration of non emission cutting fluid, collection and filtration of consumable free oil mist, high lift chip pump, chip filter residue cake deoiling recovery.

In 2016, 4New filter slag hydraulic pressure block dehydrating was successfully developed, adding a new filter slag dehydrating supporting device for precoating filtration.

In 2017, 4New began to research and developed high-precision detergent filtration and online cleanliness detection technology, helping China’s industrial 2.0 technology upgrade.

In 2018, 4New was continuing to increase the research and development of non consumable filtering technology and broaden the scope of application.

In 2019, 4New provided Weichai Huafeng Power with a 42000LPM super large consumable free filtering liquid supply system, which achieved a breakthrough in the production line of cast iron engines.

In 2021, 4New provided BYD with large-scale centralized filtration systems for the automobile production lines of various production bases.


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