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4New's sales network covers major cities in China, and its R&D and manufacturing products have covered Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and other countries and regions, winning wide acclaim from global customers.


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Continuous innovation

Attention to detail

Industry cooperation

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Our team, with an average experience of more than 10 years, the most 30 years, relaying between old, middle and young people, strong problem-solving ability, and good service attitude.

Customized project management, strong delivery capability, stable and reliable quality control.

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What Does 4New Do?
New Concept, New Technology, New Process, New Product.
● Fine Filtration.
● Precise Controlled Temperature.
● Oil-Mist Collection
● Swarf Handling.
● Coolant Purifying.
● Filter Media.
4New Customized Package Solution Meet the Customer Needs Perfectly.


Strategic Cooperation

4New and Total are strategic partners, providing customers with comprehensive solutions from formula synthesis of cutting fluid, laboratory testing, to centralized liquid supply, purification and regeneration through filtration and temperature control.


Total, a famous expert in energy and oil products in the industry, has two R&D centers:
Solaize Research Centre in France: research and development of metalworking fluid products.
Osnabruck Research Centre in Germany: responsible for research and production of metal cutting fluid formula, and providing testing and analysis services.

Total metalworking fluid product advantages:
Processing quality and precision, reduce the rate of defective products.
Less fuel consumption and cutting force.
Extended tool life.
Comply with local environmental protection requirements, and pay more attention to the health of operators.

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