Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector Applications & Benefits

The advantages of electrostatic oil mist collectors include reducing maintenance and downtime, as well as protecting the overall workshop safety and employee health of CNC machining workshops. Government organizations require employers to meet exposure limits. When metal working fluid encounters tool parts and is dispersed in the air, oil mist will be generated during machining, milling, and grinding processes. When exposed to high temperatures during this process, the oil mist will turn into soot. Oil mist and smoke can pose health hazards and contaminate expensive and important CNC machine tool parts.

Electrostatic Oil Mist Collect1

We have developed an oil mist collector for metal processing oil mist control using advanced electrostatic dust removal technology. The characteristics and advantages of the AF series electrostatic oil mist collector

1.The oil mist collection efficiency exceeds 99%.
2.The installation and maintenance of the oil mist filter is very simple and convenient.
3.Low noise level, less than 70dB (a).
4.Suitable for various oil mist control in metal processing areas.
5.Long-life service, washable filter can save on filter replacement costs.

Electrostatic Oil Mist Collect2

The first benefit of an electrostatic oil mist collector is to reduce maintenance and downtime

The electrostatic oil mist collector benefits CNC machine tools by reducing maintenance requirements and downtime.Because mist collectors remove particles from the air, they work to prevent clogging vital equipment.Air purification improve the use of the machines, reduce the need for maintenance, and can help keep you on production schedule.

The second benefit of electrostatic oil mist collector: ensuring factory safety

Similarly, electrostatic oil mist collectors are beneficial for the overall safety of the workshop. The lack of electrostatic oil mist collectors has led to widespread workshop safety issues; Even in closed CNC machine tools, oil mist can overflow when opening the door while loading raw materials and disassembling finished parts.

The third benefit of electrostatic oil mist collectors: protecting the health of employees

In addition, the benefits of electrostatic oil mist collectors include protecting employees' health from the effects of oil mist through skin contact and inhalation.

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The Fourth Benefits of Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector: Meet Local Requirements

Beside, the advantages of electrostatic oil mist collectors include meeting legal requirements. The law requires employers to limit employees' exposure to oil mist.

Post time: Oct-24-2023