Form and Function of Magnetic Separator


Magnetic separator is a kind of universal separation equipment. It can be divided into two forms (I and II) structurally.

I (rubber roll type) series magnetic separators are composed of the following parts: reducer box, magnetic roll and rubber roll. The reducer drives the magnetic roll to rotate. After the coolant containing powdery magnetic impurities enters the tank, the impurities are adsorbed on the outer wall of the magnetic roll. After being rolled by the rubber roll, the liquid carried by the impurities is squeezed out. Finally, the debris scraper separates the impurities from the magnetic roll. The rubber roll type series magnetic separators are widely used in surface grinder, internal and external grinder, centerless grinder and other cutting fluid purification occasions containing powder impurities.


II (comb type) series magnetic separators are composed of the following parts: reducer box, magnetic roller and chip scraper. As an improved product of the traditional magnetic separator, the comb type magnetic separator has many advantages: if the magnetic roll with the same length is made into a comb shape, the adsorption area will be greatly increased; Large magnetic force, high separation rate; Especially suitable for centralized separation and removal of large flow coolant; It can separate granular chips. II (comb type) series magnetic separators are widely used in various occasions for purification of cutting fluid containing particles and impurities, such as ordinary grinding machines, powder coating lines, roll grinding machines, steel rolling wastewater purification, bearing grinding lines, etc.



The magnetic separator is used to purify the coolant (cutting oil or emulsion) of grinding machines and other machine tools. It is mainly used for the automatic separation of ferromagnetic substances to keep the cutting fluid clean, improve the machining performance and tool life, and reduce environmental pollution. The separator drum uses powerful magnetic force to separate ferromagnetic chips and wear debris from the cutting fluid (oil base, water base) of the machine tool, so as to realize automatic separation. So as to improve the quality of processed products, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

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Post time: Jan-06-2023