4New AS Series Smoke Purifier Machine

Short Description:

4New AS series smoke purifiers machine are compact and do not take up much space.They both have four universal castersat the bottom for flexible movement and can be used immediately after plugging in. The extracting pipe can be adjusted universally, suitable for all types of workbenches. The new three-stage filter element holds smoke and dust on allsides,which greatly improves the smoke and dust holding capacity.

Product Detail


Smoke, dust, odor, and toxicity generated in processing occasions such as laser marking, laser carving, laser cutting, laser beauty, moxibustion therapy, soldering and tin immersion filter and purify harmful gases.

Performance Description

The metal frame structure of the body is durable and integrated, with a beautiful appearance and covers an area of land

The small installation is simple and convenient, which is conducive to the cleanliness of the workspace.

Product Features

● Centrifugal fan

Adopting brushless DC centrifugal fan, the longest service life can reach 40000 hours. High reliability without maintenance, low operating noise, and the characteristics of high speed, large air volume, high air pressure, and high efficiency can be achieved.

● Appearance and construction

The appearance is simple and elegant, steady and elegant. The integrated design of the body adopts a metal frame structure and high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spraying technology, which is durable and durable. The product is compact and does not require installation, which is conducive to a clean and beautiful workspace and convenient movement.

● Smoke collection device

The machine is equipped with a universal smoking arm, which can change direction and position at will (the length can be customized according to customer requirements). The end is equipped with a new type of smoke collection cover, with a unique design and higher smoking efficiency. Easy to install and use, without the need for additional pipelines.

Purification principle

The multi-layer filtration system is composed of primary filter cotton, medium efficiency filter element, and high-efficiency filter element. Its control system adopts adjustable variable speed, which can continuously and accurately adjust the air volume according to the amount of waste gas generated. It can effectively absorb and filter the smoke or dust generated during the production process, and also adsorb and filter toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrocarbons, hydrogen compounds, etc, In order to prevent environmental pollution, the purified clean air can be directly released indoors without the need for external pipelines to be discharged outdoors.


Customer Cases

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