4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

Short Description:

Our Metal Briquetting Machine and Sawdust Briquetting Machine, the perfect solution for converting scrap metal and wood biomass into dense, high-quality bricks. Our metal briquetting presses are designed to take full advantage of hydraulics, enabling you to create bricks strong and durable enough for a range of applications from building construction to industrial manufacturing.

With our Metal Briquetting Machines, you can take advantage of the waste products of your own operations or those of others and convert them into valuable resources. Our machines work by compressing the scrap metal or wood biomass into briquettes using hydraulic pressure, which produces dense and consistent bricks that are ideal for a range of applications.

Product Detail

Benefits of using briquetting machine

● Create new sources of revenue by selling coal blocks to foundries or home heating markets at the higher prices (our customers can receive near stable prices)
● Save money by recycling and reusing metal scrap, cutting fluid, grinding oil or lotion
● No need to pay storage, disposal, and landfill fees
● Greatly labor costs
● Using zero hazard processes or adhesive additives
● Becoming a more environmentally friendly enterprise and reducing its impact on the environment

4New DB Series Briquetting Machine2
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine1
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine3
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine4

Benefits of 4New briquetting machine

● 4New compactors use wood, metal, and sludge to make dense, high-quality bricks that can be reused, recycled, or sold.
● Designed for low horsepower 24-hour automatic operation
● Compact and easy to integrate into existing systems
● Quickly install the machine upon arrival
● Reducing hazardous waste through sludge recycling (a solution that others cannot provide)
● Self payment within less than 18 months
● The new coal blocks have a higher density and value, so our customers can obtain near stable coal block prices

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