The difference between mechanical and electrostatic oil mist collectors

The scope of use of mechanical and electrostatic oil mist collectors is different. Mechanical oil mist collectors do not have high environmental requirements, so whether it is a wet or dry environment, it will not affect the normal operation of the oil mist collector. However, electrostatic oil mist collectors can only be used in relatively dry working environments. For workshops with high levels of mist, it is easy to short-circuit and cause malfunction. Therefore, mechanical type has a wider range of use than electrostatic type.

Whether it is a mechanical oil mist collector or an electrostatic oil mist collector, malfunctions are inevitable, but the maintenance costs required for the both are different. Because the mechanical type has the characteristics of low resistance and no need to replace the filter material, it greatly reduces maintenance costs. And electrostatic equipment has a high level of technology, and once damaged, the cost of natural maintenance is also high.

Due to the advanced manufacturing technology used in the production of electrostatic oil mist collectors, the manufacturing cost is also higher, and the price is much higher than mechanical oil mist collectors. However, electrostatic devices do not require replacement of consumables, which can save some costs.

Compared to mechanical oil mist collectors, electrostatic oil mist collectors are superior in terms of accuracy, reaching 0.1μm. And the mechanical type is relatively less than it.

Advantages of mechanical and electrostatic oil mist collector

1.Mechanical oil mist collector: The air containing oil mist is sucked into the oil mist collector, and the particles in the air are filtered by centrifugal rotation and filter cotton to achieve gas purification.

Main advantages:
(1) Simple structure, low initial cost;
(2) The maintenance cycle is long, and the filter element needs to be replaced in the later stage.

AF Series Mechanical Oil Mist Collector2

 2.Electrostatic oil mist collector: The oil mist particles are charged through corona discharge. When charged particles pass through the electrostatic collector composed of high-voltage plates, they are adsorbed onto metal plates and collected for reuse, purifying the air and discharging.

Main advantages:
(1) Suitable for workshops with severe oil mist pollution;
(2) The initial cost is higher than the mechanical oil mist collector;
(3) Modular design, easy maintenance and cleaning, no need for filter element, low maintenance cost.


Post time: Apr-11-2023