4New AF Series Mechanical Oil Mist Collector

Short Description:

Capture object: oily•water-soluble oil mist.

Capture method: filter screen.

The oil mist collector is an industrial environmental protection device. It is installed on mechanical processing equipment such as machine tools and cleaning machines to absorb the oil mist in the processing cavity to achieve the purpose of purifying the air and protecting the health of workers. It can be used for oil mist and water-based mist generated during machining of cutting oils, emulsions, and synthetic coolants.

Product Detail


• High quality: low noise, vibration free, high-quality alloy phosphating and rust prevention, surface spray molding, air duct DuPont Teflon treatment.

• Simple installation: Vertical, horizontal, and inverted types can be directly installed on the machine tool and bracket, making assembly and disassembly convenient.

• Safety in use: circuit breaker protection, no sparks, no high-voltage hazards, and vulnerable components.

• Convenient maintenance: The filter screen is easy to replace, even if the collection hose is connected, the filter screen can also be replaced; The fan impeller is not exposed, making maintenance very safe; Low maintenance costs.

Main Applications

Mechanical oil Mist Collector is widely used in the collection, filtration, and recovery of oil mist and dust generated by various production and processing machines such as electric spark machines, high-speed CNC machines, high-efficiency gear processing machines, CNC machines, engraving machines, printing machines, vacuum pumps, and cleaning equipment during their work.


• Oil mist collector can absorb and purify about 99% of harmful substances in the machining environment, playing a role in protecting the health of workers and extending the service life of the equipment.

• Oil mist collector can recover and filter industrial raw materials that can be recycled such as expensive metal cutting fluid. This not only improves the utilization rate of industrial raw materials, but also reduces the processing costs of enterprises, and also avoids the waste of resources.

Drawing size

Drawing size

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