4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector

Short Description:

● AF series oil mist collector developed and manufactured by 4New has a 4-level filter element, which can filter 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3 microns, and has been in continuous maintenance free operation for more than 1 year (8800 hours).

● AF series oil mist machine can significantly improve the internal and external environment of the workshop, and the long-term filter element and variable frequency fan can greatly reduce the operating cost. It has been successfully applied in the fields of machining, grinding, molding, etc.

● AF series oil mist machine can meet the requirements of single machine or centralized collection, and the modular design makes the processing capacity between 4000~40000 m ³/ H or above, usually equipped with the following equipment:

● Machining center

● Grinder

● Washer

● Rolling mill

Product Detail

Product Advantages

● Self cleaning filter element, maintenance free operation for more than one year.
● The durable mechanical pre separation device will not block, and can deal with the dust, chips, paper and other foreign matters in the oil mist.
● The variable frequency fan is placed behind the filter element and operates economically according to the change of demand without maintenance.
● Indoor or outdoor emission is optional: Grade 3 filter element meets the outdoor emission standard (particle concentration ≤ 8mg/m ³,  Discharge rate ≤ 1kg/h), and the level 4 filter element meets the indoor emission standard (particle concentration ≤ 3mg/m ³, Emission rate ≤ 0.5kg/h) to ensure that the emission requirements of enterprises and governments are met.
● On average, 300~600L oil can be recovered per machine tool every year.
● Waste liquid transfer device can collect oil and pump it into waste liquid tank, waste liquid pipeline of the factory, or filter system for purification and reuse.
● It can be used as a stand-alone or centralized collection system, and the modular design can be quickly installed and put into operation to meet different air volume requirements.

Operation Mode

● AF series oil mist machine is connected with single or multiple machine tools through pipes and air valves. The process flow is as follows:

● Oil mist generated by the machine tool → machine tool docking device → hose → air valve → hard branch pipe and header pipe → oil drain device → oil mist machine inlet → pre separation → primary filter element → secondary filter element → tertiary filter element → tertiary filter element → tertiary filter element → centrifugal fan → silencer → outdoor or indoor emission.

● The docking device of the machine tool is installed at the air outlet of the machine tool, and the baffle plate is set inside to prevent the chips and processing fluid from being accidentally drawn out.

● The hose connection shall prevent vibration from affecting the processing accuracy. The air valve can be controlled by the machine tool. When the machine is stopped, the air valve shall be closed to save energy.

● The hard pipe part is specially designed without oil dripping troubles. The oil accumulated in the pipeline enters the transfer pump station through the oil drainage device.

● The mechanical pre separation device in the oil mist machine is firm and durable, and will not block. It is especially suitable for dust, chips, paper and other foreign matters in the oil mist to extend the service life of the filter element.

● 1 Grade filter element is made of stainless steel wire mesh to intercept particles and large diameter oil droplets. It can be reused after cleaning, and the filtering efficiency is 60%.

● 2 Level 3 filter element is a self-cleaning filter element, which can collect oil droplets and make them drip, with a filtering efficiency of 90%.

● 4 filter element is optional H13 HEPA, which can filter 99.97% particles larger than 0.3 μ m, and can also be attached with activated carbon to reduce odor.

● Filter elements at all levels are equipped with differential pressure gauges, which will be replaced when it indicates that they are dirty and blocked.

● Filter elements at all levels gather oil mist to make it drop to the oil receiving tray at the bottom of the box, connect the waste liquid transfer device through the pipeline, and pump the waste liquid into the waste liquid tank, the factory waste liquid pipeline, or the filter system for purification and reuse.

● The built-in fan is installed inside the box top, and the silencer is wrapped around the fan housing to make it integrated with the whole box, effectively reducing the working noise generated by the fan during operation.

● The external fan, in combination with the modular design of the oil mist machine, can meet the needs of super large air volume, and the sound insulation cover and muffler can meet the noise reduction requirements.

● Outdoor or indoor emission can be selected, or the two modes can be switched according to the workshop temperature demand to save energy and reduce emissions.

● The electric control system of the oil mist machine provides full automatic operation and fault alarm functions, which can control the variable frequency fan to operate in the most economical way according to different suction demands; It can also be equipped with functions such as dirty alarm and factory network communication as required.

Main Technical Parameters

AF series oil mist machine adopts modular design, and the collection capacity can reach 4000~40000 m ³/ H above. It can be used for single machine (1 machine tool), regional (2~10 machine tools) or centralized (whole workshop) collection.

Model Oil mist handling capacity m³/h
AF 1 4000
AF 2 8000
AF 3 12000
AF 4 16000
AF 5 20000
AF 6 24000
AF 7 28000
AF 8 32000
AF 9 36000
AF 10 40000

Note 1: Different processing processes have influence on the selection of oil mist machine. For details, please consult 4New Filter Engineer.

Main performance

Filter efficiency 90~99.97%
Working power supply 3PH, 380VAC, 50HZ
Noise level ≤85 dB(A)

Customer Cases

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4New-AF-Series Oil-Mist- Collector8
4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector10
4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector4
4New AF Series Oil-Mist Collector5
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