4New AF Series Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

Short Description:

Capture object: oily•water-soluble oil mist dual purpose.

Collection method: two-layer electric dust collection form.

With stable operating performance, the strong suction efficiency is guaranteed to be 98-99%, and the maintenance period of high concentration oil mist is extended by two times.

High concentration of oil fume, regardless of its oil solubility or water solubility, can be absorbed. The frequency and time of spark discharge caused by foreign matter intrusion can be detected. It is a design that can automatically stop for safety purposes when it is judged necessary to inspect.

Product Detail


• High purification rate, with the effect of degrading harmful substances and odors;

• Long purification cycle, no cleaning within three months, and no secondary pollution;

• Available in two colors, gray and white, with customizable colors, and air volume selectable;

• No consumables;

• Beautiful appearance, energy saving and low consumption, small wind resistance, and low noise;

• High voltage power supply overload, overvoltage, open circuit protection, purification device and motor linkage control;

•Modular design, miniaturized structure, combined with wind volume, convenient installation and transportation;

• Safe and reliable, with internal safety power failure protector.

Main Application

•Mechanical processing operations: CNC machines, punches, grinders, automatic machine tools, broaching gear processing machines, forging machines, nut forging machines, thread cutting machines, pulse processing machines, broaching plate processing machines.

• spray operation: cleaning, rust prevention, oil film coating, cooling.


Equipment functions and principles

The electrostatic oil mist collector has dual functions of mechanical purification and electrostatic purification. The contaminated air first enters the primary pre-filter- the purification and rectification chamber. The gravity inertial purification technology is adopted, and the special structure in the chamber gradually carries out hierarchical physical separation of large particle size pollutants, and visually equalizes the rectification. The remaining small particle size pollutants enter the secondary device - a high-voltage electrostatic field, with two stages in the electrostatic field. The first stage is an ionizer. The strong electric field charges the particles and becomes charged particles. These charged particles are immediately adsorbed by the collection electrode after reaching the second stage collector. Finally, clean air is discharged from the outdoor through the after-filter screen grille.


Customer Case

Electrostatic Oil Mist Collector

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