4New DV Series Industrial Vacuum Cleaner & Coolant Cleaner

Short Description:

● DV series industrial vacuum cleaner & coolant cleaner developed and manufactured by 4New is widely used in metal processing (aluminum, steel, ductile iron, cast iron and powder metal) to clean water tanks and tanks.

● DV series industrial vacuum cleaner & ocolant cleaner can extract the wet slag in the water tank and return the filtered processing liquid. clean processing fluid has a longer service life, can improve the surface quality of workpieces or rolled products, and reduce machine tool downtime.

● DV series industrial vacuum cleaner & coolant cleaner is especially suitable for handling slag without stopping the machine. The processing capacity can reach more than 120L/min. It is usually equipped with the following equipment.

● Machining center: milling, drilling, tapping, turning, used for special or flexible/flexible processing.

Product Detail

Product Advantages

● Wet and dry, it can not only clean the slag in the tank, but also suction the scattered dry debris.
● Compact structure, less land occupation and convenient movement.
● Simple operation, fast suction speed, no need to stop the machine.
● Only compressed air is needed, no consumables are used, and the operation cost is greatly reduce.
● The service life of the processing fluid is greatly extended, the floor area is reduced, the leveling efficiency is increased, and the maintenance is reduced.

Operation Mode

● Connect the compressed air to the air supply interface of DV series industrial vacuum cleaner & coolant cleaner, and adjust the appropriate pressure.

● Place the processing fluid return pipe at a proper position in the water tank.

● Hold the suction pipe and install the required connector (dry or wet).

● Open the suction valve and start cleaning.

● After cleaning, close the suction valve.

Main Technical Parameters

DV series industrial vacuum cleaner & coolant cleaner of different sizes can be used for cleaning the machine tool water tank in the area (~10 machine tools) or the whole workshop.

Model DV50, DV130
Scope of application Machining coolant
Filtering precision Up to30μm
Filter cartridge SS304, Volume: 35L, filter screen aperture: 0.4~1mm
Flow rate 50~130L/min
Lift 3.5~5m
Air source 4~7bar, 0.7~2m³/min
Overall dimensions 800mm*500mm*900mm
Noise level ≤80dB(A)

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