4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump

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When other pumps went on strike, Shanghai 4New PD series chip handling lifting pumps have been working for more than 10 years in the dirty liquid full of chips.

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Shanghai 4New's patented product PD series pump, with high cost performance, high load capacity, high reliability and high durability, has become a good substitute for imported chip handling lifting pump.

● The chip handling lifting pump, also known as dirty coolant pump and return pump, can transfer the mixture of chips and cooling lubricant from the machine tool to the filter. It is an indispensable part of metal processing. The working condition of the chip handling lifting pump is terrible, which not only has special requirements such as "dry operation, exhaust bubble, wear resistance", but also has different requirements for the installation method, which is greatly different from the clean water pump.
● Imported chip handling lifting pump has high price and long spare parts cycle, which may cause customers to stop production once it is damaged. While anxiously waiting for the services of import manufacturers, many customers began to look for domestic alternatives.
● Founded in 1990, Shanghai 4New, with 30 years of experience and expertise, designed and produced the PD series chip handling lifting pump with high load capacity and durability. Over these years, 4New has successfully replaced or remanufactured many imported chip handling lifting pumps, providing urgent solutions for customers.

What benefits does PD series pump bring to customers

● Replace the chip conveyor, replace up to 30% of the workshop area, and improve the  terrace efficiency.

● Fully automatic operation, centralized processing of cutting fluid and chips, improving human efficiency.

● Bring the open chip dirty liquid into the pipeline for transportation to reduce air pollution.

● The same performance as the imported pump, better service.

4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump3

PD series chip handling lifting pump has different installation methods such as immersion type and side suction type. See the table below for common specifications. More specifications can be customized. The length in the table is in mm, and the liquid is emulsion kinematic viscosity 1 mm²/s. Please consult for more flow ranges and liquid types. Dimensions may be updated, subject to order drawings.

4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump5 800 600
4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump6 800 600

4New can be matched with a variety of chip tank return tanks according to the chip removal characteristics of the machine tool, which can be used together with the PD pump.


How does 4New ensure the excellent quality of PD series pump

● Carefully check the size, concentricity, coaxiality and dynamic balance of each impeller, volute and other spare parts.

● The use of wax loss casting can ensure that the shape and size of each part of the impeller are accurate, and the cast steel material is superior to the cast iron, ensuring the design strength.

● Full time technicians with many years of experience are responsible for  assembly, cleaning of semi-finished products and process quality inspection before assembly.

● Each PD series chip handling lifting pump shall undergo liquid commissioning, record the flow, pressure, current and noise, confirm that there is no abnormal vibration, and then paint and ship after meeting the requirements.

4New PD Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump7

PDN type chip handling lifting pump

PDN type chip handling lifting pump is included in the fine classification of PD series. It also has a chip handling lifting delivery pump that can disperse aluminum alloy chips and cut off aluminum alloy long chips. The pump is equipped with a cutting unit outside the suction port to break up the tangled debris, which can quickly open the tangled debris close to the suction port to break up, pump it into the volute, and send it out together with the dirty liquid.

4New PDN Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump11
4New PDN Series Chip Handling Lifting Pump2

How to select PD series pump

PD series chip handling lifting pump is designed based on the principle of centrifugal pump. It uses a semi open impeller to generate vortices and negative pressure through rotation. The cuttings suspended in the liquid are sucked into the volute, and the solid-liquid mixture rotates and accelerates in the volute to output from the volute at a certain positive pressure. In this process, the pump design must match the corresponding processing conditions, and the correct type selection can be used reliably. Factors to be considered include:

● Is cutting fluid water-based or oil-based? What is the viscosity? What is the bubble content in the liquid?

● Is the solid impurity chip or abrasive? Shape and size? Density of impurities in liquid?

● Is the pump installed by immersion or side suction? What is the liquid level depth of the return tank?

● What lift does pumping output require? How many elbows, valves and other resistance effects does the output pipeline have?

● What is the height from the liquid outlet of the machine tool to the ground? What is the thickness of foam on the cutting fluid surface?

Don't worry, please contact us immediately, and 4New PD series pump experts will serve you.

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