4New DB Series Briquetting Machine

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The metal scraps cleared from the workshop are not only filiform metal scraps, but also filiform, regimental and other metal wastes. These metal wastes need to be crushed by the metal shredder first, and then compressed after reducing the volume, which can increase the compactness of the compacts and reduce the loss during transportation and recycling.

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The briquetting machine can extrude aluminum chips, steel chips, cast iron chips and copper chips into cakes and blocks for returning to the furnace, which can reduce burning loss, save energy and reduce carbon. It is suitable for aluminum alloy profile plants, steel casting plants, aluminum casting plants, copper casting plants and machining plants. This equipment can directly cold press the powdered cast iron chips, steel chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, sponge iron, iron ore powder, slag powder and other non-ferrous metal chips into cylindrical cakes. The whole production process does not require heating, additives or other processes, and directly cold press the cakes. At the same time, the cutting fluid can be separated from the cakes, and the cutting fluid can be recycled (environmental protection and energy conservation), which also ensures that the original materials of the cakes are not polluted.

Working principle of the briquetting machine: the hydraulic cylinder compression principle is used to press the metal chip cake. The rotation of the motor drives the hydraulic pump to work. The high-pressure hydraulic oil in the oil tank is transmitted to each chamber of the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic oil pipe, which drives the piston rod of the cylinder to move longitudinally. The metal chips, powder and other metal raw materials are cold pressed into cylindrical cakes to facilitate storage, transportation, furnace production, and reduce the loss in the recycling process.

Customer Cases

4New DB Series Briquetting Machines
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine02
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine1
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4New DB Series Briquetting Machine2
4New DB Series Briquetting Machine2

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