4New Precoat Filter Sintered Porous Metal Tubes

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The precoating filter device is a precision filter composed of special stainless steel-fabric tube, filter bag and filter cartridge, which can achieve 1μm high precision filtration.Precoat filtration technology is to precoat filter aids such as cellulose and diatomite on the surface of sintered porous metal tubes, filter discs or filter plates to form a filter medium containing countless capillary channels. When the dirty oil flows through the precoated filter medium, the grinding oil enters the purification tank through the capillary channels of these precoated filter layers, and the impurities are blocked on the surface of the precoated filter layer by the precoated filter layer, becoming the peripheral filter layer of the precoated filter layer.

Product Detail

Product Advantages

• The gap of screen tube is V-shaped, which can effectively intercept impurities. It has solid structure, high strength, and is not easy to block and clean.
• The utility model has the advantages of high opening rate, large filtering area and fast filtering speed,low comprehensive cost.
• High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, low cost and long service life.
• The small outer diameter of precoat filter sintered porous metal tubes can reach 19mm, and the large one can reach 1500mm, customized according to requirements.
• The screen tube has good roundness without edges and corners, and its surface is smooth as a mirror.The friction is reduced and the effective filtering area is increased.


Precoat filter sintered porous metal tubes is widely used in the primary filtration and fine filtration engineering of machining, manufacturing, liquid treatment in environmental protection, electric oil well, natural gas, water well, chemical industry, mining, paper making, metallurgy, food, sand control, decoration and other industries.

Connection Mode

Connection mode: threaded connection and flange connection.

Please consult our sales department for specific sintered porous metal tubes specifications. The specification and size will be customized according to the user's requirements.

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