4New LV Series Vacuum Belt Filter

Short Description:

● 4New has more than 30 years of industry experience. The LV series vacuum belt filter developed and manufactured by 4New is widely used in metal processing (steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, etc.), iron and steel production and environmental technology to filter and control the temperature of emulsion, grinding oil, synthetic solution and other processing fluids.

● Clean processing fluid has a longer service life, can improve the surface quality of workpieces or rolled products, and can dissipate heat for processing or forming.

● LV series vacuum belt filter can meet the requirements of single filtration or centralized liquid supply, with a maximum processing capacity of 20000L/min, and is usually equipped with the following equipment:

● Grinder

● Machining center

● Washer

● Rolling mill

Product Detail

Product Advantages

● Continuously supply liquid to the machine tool without being interrupted by backwashing.

● 20~30μm filtering effect.

● Different filter paper can be selected to cope with various working conditions.

● Robust and reliable structure and fully automatic operation.

● Low installation and maintenance costs.

● The reeling device can peel off the filter residue and collect the filter paper.

● Compared with gravity filtration, vacuum negative pressure filtration consumes less filter paper.

Technological Process

Outline Layout

Operation Mode

● Unpurified dirty processing liquid enters the dirty liquid tank (2) of the vacuum filter through the return liquid pump station or gravity reflux (1). The system pump (5) pumps the dirty processing liquid from the dirty liquid tank into the clean liquid tank (4) through the filter paper (3) and the sieve plate (3), and pumps it to the machine tool through the liquid supply pipe (6).
● The solid particles are trapped and form a filter cake (3) on the filter paper. Due to the accumulation of filter cake, the differential pressure in the lower chamber (4) of the vacuum filter increases. When the preset differential pressure is reached (7), the filter paper regeneration is started. During regeneration, the continuous liquid supply of the machine tool is guaranteed by the regeneration tank (8) of the vacuum filter.
● During regeneration, the scraper paper feeding device (14) is started by the reducer motor (9) and outputs dirty filter paper (3). In each regeneration process, some dirty filter paper is transported outwards, and then it is reeled by the winding device (13) after being discharged from the tank. The filter residue is scraped off by the scraper (11) and falls into the slag truck (12). The new filter paper (10) enters the dirty liquid tank (2) from the rear of the filter for a new filtering cycle. The regeneration tank (8) remains full at all times.
● The whole process flow is fully automatic and controlled by various sensors and electric control cabinet with HMI.

Main Technical Parameters

LV series vacuum belt filters of different sizes can be used for single machine (1 machine tool), regional (2~10 machine tools) or centralized (the whole workshop) filtration; 1.2~3m equipment width is available for selection to meet customer site requirements.

Model 1 Emulsion2processing capacity l/min Grinding oil3handling capacity l/min
LV 1 500 100
LV 2 1000 200
LV 3 1500 300
LV 4 2000 400
LV 8 4000 800
LV 12 6000 1200
LV 16 8000 1600
LV 24 12000 2400
LV 32 16000 3200
LV 40 20000 4000

Note 1: Different processing metals have an impact on the filter selection. For details, please consult 4New Filter Engineer.

Note 2: Based on emulsion with viscosity of 1 mm2/s at 20 ° C.

Note 3: Based on grinding oil with viscosity of 20 mm2/s at 40 ° C.

Main product function

Filtering precision 20~30μm 
Supply fluid pressure 2 ~ 70bar, a variety of pressure outputs can be selected according to machining requirements
Temperature control ability 0.5°C /10min
Slag discharge way The slag was separated and the filter paper was retracted
Working power supply 3PH, 380VAC, 50HZ
Working air pressure 0.6MPa
Noise level ≤76 dB(A)

Customer Cases

Vacuum Band Filtration System5
Vacuum Band Filtration System6
Vacuum Band Filtration System8
Vacuum Band Filtration System7

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