4New FMB Series Liquid Filter Bags

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4New’s the composite membrane liquid filter bags matched with LB series cartridge filter, which is made of polytetrafluoroethylene. It is composed of alkene microporous membrane and chemical fiber filter paper, and the filtration precision is generally 10~30μm,
Up to 1~5μm. It can be used for filtering various cutting fluids and dust, the filtration efficiency is very high.

Product Detail


The membrane covered dust removal liquid filter bag is composed of polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane and various base materials (PPS, glass fiber, P84, aramid) with special composite technology. Its purpose is to form surface filtration, so that only the gas passes through the filter material, leaving the dust contained in the gas on the filter material surface.

The research shows that because the film and dust on the surface of the filter material are deposited on the surface of the filter material, they cannot penetrate into the filter material, that is, the pore diameter of the membrane itself intercepts the filter material, and there is no initial filtering cycle. Therefore, the coated dust filter bag has the advantages of large air permeability, low resistance, good filtering efficiency, large dust capacity, and high dust stripping rate. Compared with traditional filter media, the filtration performance is superior.

In the modern industrial era, liquid filtration is widely used in production processes. The working principle of liquid bag filtration is closed pressure filtration. The whole bag filter system includes three parts: filter container, support basket and filter bag. The filtered liquid is injected into the container from the top, flows from the inside of the bag to the outside of the bag, and is evenly distributed on the entire filtering surface. The filtered particles are trapped in the bag,leak free, user-friendly and convenient design, the overall structure is exquisite, the operation is efficient, the handling capacity is large, and the service life is long. It is a leading energy-saving product in the liquid filtering industry, and is suitable for the coarse filtration, intermediate filtration, and fine filtration of any fine particles or suspended solids.

Please consult our sales department for specific liquid filter bags specifications. Non standard products can also be ordered specially.

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4New-Liquid-Filter- Bags

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