4New FMO Series Panel and Pleated Air Filters

Short Description:

FMO series panel and pleated air filters are filter material for special oil mist filter, Filter paper and rubber plate partition plate made of superfine glass fiber and PPN fiber filter paper and aluminum frame for easy assembly and disassembly. Microstructure of filter material. It is densely staggered, forming numerous fine pores. The gas containing oil mist bends in the pores during zigzag travel, the oil mist repeatedly hits the filter material and is continuously adsorbed, so the oil mist with good filtration and adsorption, the oil mist capture rate of 1μm~10μm can reach 99% and the filtering efficiency is very high.

Product Detail


Low resistance.
Large flow.
Long life.

Product Structure

1. Frame: aluminum frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame, thickness customized according to customer requirements.
2. Filter material: ultra-fine glass fiber or synthetic fiber filter paper.
Appearance size:
Panel and pleated air filters can be customized according to customer requirements.

Performance Parameters

1. Efficiency: Can be customized
2. Maximum operating temperature:<800 ℃
3. Recommended final pressure loss: 450Pa


1. High dust capacity and low resistance.
2. Uniform wind speed.
3. Panel and pleated air filters can be customized for fire and temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and difficult for microorganisms to breed.
4. It can be customized according to non-standard equipment.

Precautions for Installation

1. Clean before installation.
2. The system shall be cleaned by air blowing.
3. The purification workshop shall be thoroughly cleaned again. If a vacuum cleaner is used for dust collection, it is not allowed to use an ordinary vacuum cleaner, but must use a vacuum cleaner equipped with an ultra clean filter bag.
4. If it is installed in the ceiling, the ceiling shall be cleaned.
5. After 12h of commissioning, clean the workshop again before installing filter.

Please consult our sales department for specific panel and pleated air filters specifications. Non standard Products can also be ordered specially.


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