4New FMD Series Filter Media Paper

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4New’s filter materials for various cutting fluid filters are mainly chemical fiber filter media paper and mixed filter media paper. According to different requirements, they are produced by spinning hot pressing and denaturing industry, and are called PPN, PTS, TR filter media paper. They all have high wet strength and corrosion resistance, good compatibility with most cutting fluids, strong dirt holding capacity, high filtering efficiency, and long service life. They are suitable for filtering and purification of various water-based or oily cutting fluids, and are basically the same as imported filter materials of the same kind. But the price is low, which can greatly reduce the use cost.

Product Detail


The wet tensile strength of filter paper is very important. In the working state, it should have enough strength to pull its own weight, the weight of filter cake covering its surface and the friction force with the chain.
When selecting filter media paper, the required filtering accuracy, specific filtering equipment type, coolant temperature, pH, etc. shall be considered.
The filter media paper must be continuous in the length direction to the end without interface, otherwise it is easy to cause leakage of impurities.
The thickness of filter media paper shall be uniform, and the fibers shall be evenly distributed vertically and horizontally.
It is suitable for filtering metal cutting fluid, grinding fluid, drawing oil, rolling oil, grinding fluid, lubricating oil, insulating oil and other industrial oils.
The finished size of the filter media paper can be rolled and cut according to the size requirements of the user's equipment for the filter media paper, and the paper core can also have a variety of options. The supply method should meet the user's needs as far as possible.

Common specifications are as follows
Outer diameter of paper roll: φ100~350mm
Filter media paper width: φ300~2000mm
Paper tube aperture: φ32mm~70mm
Filtering precision: 5µm~75µm
For extra long non-standard specifications, please consult our sales department.

Common specifications

* Filter media paper sample


* Advanced filter performance testing instrument


* Filtration precision and particle analysis, filter material tensile strength and shrinkage testing system


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