4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator

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Under the worst working conditions, Shanghai 4New OW miscellaneous oil separation system continuously discharges miscellaneous oil and scum from the source, extending the service life of cutting fluid

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How to remove the thick and viscous sludge scum mixture, which is covered on the cutting fluid, is a difficult problem in the industry. When the traditional oil remover is powerless, why does Shanghai 4New's patented OW impurity oil separation system work continuously?

● During metal processing, especially the processing of cast iron and aluminum alloy, the lubricating oil of the machine tool and the fine chips of workpiece processing are mixed with the cutting fluid, and the surface of the fluid tank is often covered with thick and viscous sludge and scum. Because the oil layer is isolated from the air, anaerobes and microorganisms are easy to propagate in the cutting fluid, causing the cutting fluid to deteriorate. Therefore, it is very important to prolong the service life of cutting fluid to continuously and effectively separate the impurities and dross.

● Traditional belt type, hose type and disc type oil removers are suitable for carrying clean oil out of water. However, the mixed oil becomes very viscous with impurities such as fine chips and grinding wheel dust. Under such bad working conditions, the traditional oil remover will be paralyzed soon. Even if manual cleaning is continued, the separation efficiency is very low. The solution is to use a pumping device with high kinetic energy to extract and separate the viscous sludge scum.

● Shanghai 4New founded in 1990, has designed and produced OW series of oil-water separation systems with high kinetic energy suction and durability based on 30 years of experience and expertise. Over these years, 4New has successfully applied OW series products to extend the life of cutting fluid for customers up to 5 times.

4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator3
4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator4

● OW series miscellaneous oil separation system consists of three parts: "floating weir suction"+"high kinetic energy suction"+"residue liquid separation".

a) The suction port of the floating weir has two types of up pumping and down pumping, which can automatically adapt to the fluctuation of the liquid level. The suction port is always located at the junction of the miscellaneous oil scum and the cutting liquid level, ensuring that a large amount of viscous miscellaneous oil scum and a small amount of cutting liquid are inhaled, and improving the separation efficiency. The surface of the floating weir is treated with special anti pollution treatment, and the self-cleaning device is used to make it durable and efficient.

b) The high kinetic energy suction source generates negative pressure from the vacuum tank, and sends the miscellaneous oil scum from the suction port of the floating weir to the slag liquid separation unit through the pipeline. Compared with the diaphragm pump, the vacuum dynamic energy has a long life, low energy consumption and low noise. The negative pressure transmission pipeline can be as long as several meters, enabling the OW series to match the large centralized filtration system.

c) The slag liquid separation box is designed according to different working conditions, or the impurities with low density are separated by floating, or the impurities with high density are separated by settling and scraping, or the impurities and foam sludge are separated by paper belt filtration, and the cutting fluid is returned to the filter for recycling.

4New OW Series Oil-Water Separator5

● 4New can provide mobile or fixed cutting fluid purification and regeneration treatment station. High speed centrifugal separation or precision filtration technology is adopted to improve the separation accuracy of suspended oil and fine particles in cutting fluid to 0.1%. Continuously monitor and adjust the cutting fluid concentration and PH value to avoid corruption and deterioration, extend the service life by 5~10 times, and reduce or not discharge waste liquid.

What benefits does the OW system bring to customers

● High efficient removal of foreign oil and scum, maintaining cutting fluid performance, stable processing quality, and extending tool life.
● Prolong the service life of cutting fluid by more than 5 times, and reduce the purchase and discharge costs.
● Fully automatic operation, durable, continuous and reliable operation.
● High ROI of 3-6 months.
● Customized according to the customer's working conditions to provide better service.

How to select the model of OW system

The OW system must match the corresponding processing conditions, and the correct type selection can be used reliably. Factors to be considered include:

a)  Cutting fluid tank structure, location for installation.

b)  Cutting fluid circulation flow, surface foam thickness.

c)  Material, shape and size of solid impurities.

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