4New LE Series Centrifugal Filter

Short Description:

● Wide application, up to 1μm multra-fine, consumable free filtration.

● The hub is made of aviation aluminum, which is firm and durable.

● The filter residue will be discharged automatically after drying, and the water content is less than 10%.

● Robust and reliable structure and fully automatic operation.

● Small installation space and low maintenance cost.

● Integrate the liquid purifying tank and refrigerator to accurately control the temperature of processing liquid.

● It can be used as a stand-alone or centralized liquid supply system to provide high filtration capacity of a complete production line, and continuous liquid supply without shutdown.

Product Detail

Application Introduction

● LE series centrifugal filter developed and manufactured has a filtering accuracy of up to 1um. It is especially suitable for the finest and cleanest filtration and temperature control of grinding fluid, emulsion, electrolyte, synthetic solution, process water and other liquids.
● LE series centrifugal filter maintains the used processing fluid optimally, so as to prolong the service life of the fluid, improve the surface quality of the workpiece or rolled product, and obtain the best processing effect. It has been verified in many industry branches, such as super finishing and fine grinding in metal, glass, ceramics, cable and other processing industries.
● LE series centrifugal filter can meet the requirements of single machine filtration or centralized liquid supply. The modular design makes the processing capacity of 50, 150, 500L/min, and the processing capacity of more than 10000L/min can be obtained by multiple machines in parallel.
● The following equipment is usually provided:
● High precision grinding machine
● Honing machine
● Grinding and polishing machine
● Engraving machine
● Washer
● Rolling mill
● Wire drawing machine

Outline Layout

● The liquid to be filtered enters the centrifuge through the auxiliary pump.
● The impurities in the dirty liquid are separated at high speed and attached to the inside of the tank.
● The pure liquid is drained back to the oil sump.
● After the inside of the tank is filled with impurities, the centrifuge starts the automatic slag removal function and the drain port is opened.
● The centrifuge automatically reduces the rotation speed of the tank, and the built-in scraper starts to operate for slag removal.
● The impurities removed fall from the discharge port to the impurity collection tank under the centrifuge, and the centrifuge starts to operate.

4New LE Series Centrifugal Filter2

Operation Mode

● LE series centrifugal filtration system realizes solid-liquid separation, clean liquid reuse, and filter residue discharge through high-speed centrifugation. Only electricity and compressed air are consumed, no filter material is consumed, and the quality of liquid products is not affected.
Process flow
● Dirty liquid return → liquid return pump station → high-precision centrifugal filter → liquid purification tank → temperature control (optional) → liquid supply system → safety filter (optional) → use of purified liquid.
Filtering process
● Dirty liquid is delivered to the centrifuge together with impurities through the return liquid pump station equipped with 4New professional PD cutting pump.
● The high-speed rotating centrifuge makes the impurities in the dirty liquid adhere to the inner wall of the hub.
● The filtered liquid will flow into the liquid purifying tank, be temperature controlled (cooled or heated), be pumped out by the liquid supply pump with different flow pressures, and be sent to each machine tool through the liquid supply pipe.
Blowdown process
● When the impurities accumulated on the inner wall of the hub reach the preset value, the system will cut off the liquid return valve, stop filtering and start drying.
● After the preset drying time is reached, the system will reduce the rotating speed of the hub and the built-in scraper will start to remove slag.
● The scraped dry filter residue falls into the slagging box below the centrifuge from the discharge port.
● After the system self inspection, the hub rotates again at high speed, the liquid return valve opens, and the next filtering cycle starts.
Continuous liquid supply
● Continuous liquid supply can be realized by multiple centrifuges or safety filters.
● 4 New's unique undisturbed switching keeps the cleanliness of the processing fluid stable during continuous liquid supply.

Main Technical Parameters

LE series centrifugal filter adopts modular design, with filtering capacity of more than 10000 l/min. It can be used for single machine (1 machine tool), regional (2~10 machine tools) or centralized (whole workshop) filtering. All models can provide full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation.

Model 1 Handling capacity l/min Power kw Connector  Overall dimensions m
LE 5 80 4 DN25/60 1.3x0.7x1.5h
LE 20 300 5.5 DN40/80 1.4x0.8x1.5h
LE 30 500 7.5 DN50/110 1.5x0.9x1.5h

Note 1: Different processing fluids and impurities have an impact on the filter selection. For details, please consult 4New Filtering Engineer.

Main product function

Filter precision 1μm 
Max RCF 3000~3500G
Variable speed 100~6500RPM frequency conversion
Slag discharge way Automatic drying and scraping, liquid content of slag < 10%
Electric control PLC+HMI
Working power supply 3PH, 380VAC, 50HZ
Working air source 0.4MPa
Noise level ≤70 dB(A)
4New LE
4New LE1

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