4New LG Series Gravity Belt Filter

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Gravity belt filter is the basic type of gravity filtration. The supporting mesh and the filter paper form a basin-shaped filter surface. The weight of the cutting fluid permeates the filter paper to form a clean liquid and falls into the lower purification tank. The abrasive particles and impurities are trapped on the surface of the filter paper. With the thickening of the filter residue, the filtration resistance increases gradually and the flow rate decreases gradually. The grinding fluid level on the paper will rise, lift the float switch, start the paper feeding motor to output the dirty paper, and input the new filter paper to form a new filter surface and maintain the rated filtration capacity.

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Gravity belt filter is generally applicable to the filtration of cutting fluid or grinding fluid below 300L/min. LM series magnetic separation can be added for pre-separation, bag filter can be added for secondary fine filtration, and cooling temperature control device can be added to precisely control the temperature of grinding fluid to provide clean grinding fluid with adjustable temperature.

The density of filter paper is generally 50~70 square meters gram weight, and the filter paper with high density will soon be blocked. The filtering accuracy of gravity belt filter is the average accuracy of new and dirty filter paper. The initial stage of new filter paper is determined by the density of filter paper, which is about 50-100μm; In use, it is determined by the pore density of the filter layer formed by the accumulation of filter residue on the surface of the filter paper, and gradually increases to 20μm, so the average filtering accuracy is 50μm or so. 4New can provide high-quality filter paper for filtration.

The way to remedy the above shortcomings is to add a filter bag on the paper filter as a secondary filter to improve the filtering accuracy. The filter pump sends the grinding fluid filtered by the paper to the filter bag filter. The high-precision filter bag can capture several micrometers of fine debris impurities. Selecting a filter bag with different accuracy can make the grinding fluid filtered by the secondary filter reach 20~2μm high cleanliness.

Casting grinding or ultra fine grinding of steel parts will produce a large number of fine grinding debris sludge, which is easy to block the pores of filter paper and cause frequent paper feeding. LM series efficient magnetic separator should be added to separate most of the grinding debris sludge from the dirty grinding fluid in advance by the efficient magnetic separator, and do not enter the paper for filtering, so as to reduce the consumption of filter paper.

Precision grinding also has high requirements for the temperature fluctuation of grinding fluid, and the control accuracy of grinding fluid temperature will obviously affect the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece. The temperature of grinding fluid can be controlled within ± 1 ℃~0.5 ℃ by adding cooling and temperature control device to eliminate the thermal deformation caused by temperature change.

If the liquid outlet of the machine tool is low, and the discharged dirty liquid cannot directly enter the filter, a pump can be added to send it back to the liquid returning device. The return tank receives the dirty liquid discharged by the machine tool, and the PD&PS series return pump transfers the dirty liquid to the filter. The PD/PS series return pump can deliver dirty liquid containing chips, and it can be dried for a long time without water, without damage.


Gravity Belt Filter (basic type)


Gravity Belt Filter+Magnetic Separator+Bag
Filtration+Thermostatic Control

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