4New LR Series Rotary Filtration System

Short Description:

● The LR series rotary filter developed and manufactured by 4New is widely used in metal processing (aluminum, steel, ductile iron, cast iron and powder metal, etc.) to filter and control the temperature of emulsion.

● Clean processing fluid has a longer service life, can improve the surface quality of workpieces or rolled products, and can dissipate heat for processing or forming.

● LR rotary drum Filtration is especially suitable for large flow centralized liquid supply. The modular design makes the maximum processing capacity reach more than 20000L/min, and usually it is equipped with the following equipment:

● Machining center: milling, drilling, tapping, turning, used for special or flexible/flexible processing.

Product Detail

Product Advantages

● Low pressure flushing (100 μm) And high pressure cooling (20 μm) Two filtering effects.

● The stainless steel screen filtration mode of the rotary drum does not use consumables, which greatly reduces the operating cost.

● The rotary drum with modular design is composed of one or more independent units, which can meet the demand of super large flow. Only one set of system is required, and it occupies less land than the vacuum belt filter.

● The specially designed filter screen has the same size and can be disassembled separately to achieve maintenance without stopping the machine, without emptying the liquid and without the need for a spare turnover tank.

● Firm and reliable structure and fully automatic operation.

● Compared with small single filter, the centralized filtering system can greatly extend the service life of processing fluid, use less or no consumables, reduce the floor area, increase the plateau efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce maintenance.

Operation mode

● The centralized filtration system consists of several subsystems, including filtration (wedge filtration, rotary drum filtration, safety filtration), temperature control (plate exchange, refrigerator), chip handling (chip conveying, hydraulic pressure removal block, slag truck), liquid adding (pure water preparation, rapid liquid adding, proportional liquid mixing), purification (miscellaneous oil removal, aeration sterilization, fine filtration), liquid supply (liquid supply pump, liquid supply pipe), Liquid return (liquid return pump, liquid return pipe, or liquid return trench), etc.

● The processing fluid and chip impurities discharged from the machine tool are sent to the centralized filtering system through the return pipe of the return pump or the return trench. It flows into the liquid tank after wedge filtration and rotary drum filtration. Clean processing fluid is delivered to each machine tool for recycling by the liquid supply pump through the safety filtration, temperature control system and liquid supply pipeline.

● The system uses bottom cleaning scraper to discharge slag automatically, and it is transported to the briquetting machine or slag truck without manual cleaning.

● The system uses pure water system and emulsion stock solution, which are fully mixed in proportion and then sent into the box to avoid emulsion caking. The rapid liquid adding system is convenient for adding liquid during initial operation, and the ± 1% proportioning pump can meet the daily management requirements of cutting fluid.

● The floating oil suction device in the purification system sends the miscellaneous oil in the liquid tank to the oil-water separation tank to discharge the waste oil. The aeration system in the tank makes the cutting fluid in an oxygen enriched environment, eliminates anaerobic bacteria, and greatly extends the service life of the cutting fluid. In addition to handling the blowdown of rotary drum and safety filtration, the fine filter also obtains a certain proportion of processing liquid from the liquid tank for fine filtration to reduce the concentration of fine particles.

● The centralized filtering system can be installed on the ground or in the pit, and the liquid supply and return pipes can be installed overhead or in the trench.

● The whole process flow is fully automatic and controlled by various sensors and electric control cabinet with HMI.

Main Technical Parameters

LR rotary drum filters of different sizes can be used for regional (~10 machine tools) or centralized (the whole workshop) filtering; A variety of equipment layouts are available for selection to meet customer site requirements.

Model 1 Emulsion2 processing capacity l/min
LR A1 2300
LR A2 4600
LR B1 5500
LR B2 11000
LR C1 8700
LR C2 17400
LR C3 26100
LR C4 34800

Note 1: Different processing metals, such as cast iron, have an impact on the filter selection. For details, please consult 4New Filter Engineer.

Note 2: Based on emulsion with viscosity of 1 mm2/s at 20 ° C.

Main performance

Filter precision 100μm, optional secondary filtration 20 μ m
Supply fluid pressure 2 ~ 70bar, Multiple pressure outputs can be selected according to processing requirements
Temperature control ability 1°C /10min
Slag discharge way Scraper chip removal, optional briquetting machine
Working power supply 3PH, 380VAC, 50HZ
Working air source 0.6MPa
Noise level ≤80dB(A)

Customer Cases

4New LR Series Rotary Filtration System 800 600
Rotary Drum Filtration3
Rotary Drum Filtration5
Rotary Drum Filtration2

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