4New LC Series Precoating Filtration System

Short Description:

● It is widely used, especially for the processing of gray cast iron, carbide and high-speed steel.

● Up to 1μm to restore the original color of the processing fluid.

● The filter element is made of steel mesh and can be used for a long time.

● Solid and reliable structure, small floor space.

● Fully automatic operation, continuous liquid supply without shutdown.

● Integrated refrigerator to accurately control the temperature of processing fluid.

● It provides high filtration capacity of the complete production line and can be used as a single machine or centralized liquid supply system.

Product Detail

Main Technical Parameters

Equipment model LC150 ~ LC4000
Filtering form High precision precoating filtration, optional magnetic pre separation
Applicable machine tool Grinding machineLathe
Honing machine
Finishing machine
Grinding and polishing machine
Transmission test bench
Applicable fluid Grinding oil, emulsion
Slag discharge mode Air pressure dewatering of wear debris, liquid content ≤ 9%
Filtering accuracy 5μm. Optional 1μm secondary filter element
Filter flow 150 ~ 4000lpm, modular design, larger flow, customizable(based on 20 mm viscosity at 40 ° C)²/S, depending on the application)
Supply pressure 3 ~ 70bar, 3 pressure outputs are optional
Temperature control capability ≤0.5°C /10min
temperature control Immersion refrigerator, optional electric heater
electric control PLC+HMI
Working power supply 3PH,380VAC,50HZ
Control power supply 24VDC
Working air source 0.6MPa
Noise level ≤76 dB

Product Function

LC precoating filtration system achieves deep filtration through precoating of filter aid to realize solid-liquid separation, reuse of purified oil and deoiling discharge of filter residue. The filter adopts backwashing regeneration, which has low consumption, less maintenance and does not affect the quality of oil products.

● Technological Process
User dirty oil reflux → magnetic pre separator → high precision pre coating filtration system → temperature control of liquid purification tank → liquid supply system for machine tool

● Filtration Process
The returned dirty oil is first sent to the magnetic separation device to separate ferromagnetic impurities and then flow into the dirty liquid tank.
The dirty liquid is pumped out by the filter pump and sent to the precoating filter cartridge for precision filtration. The filtered clean oil flows into the liquid purification tank.
The oil stored in the clean liquid tank is temperature controlled (cooled or heated), pumped out by liquid supply pumps with different flow and pressure, and sent to each machine tool through overhead liquid supply pipeline.

● Precoating Process
A certain amount of filter aid is added into the mixing tanx by the feeding screw, which is sent to the filter cylinder through the filter pump after mixing.
When the precoating liquid passes through the filter element, the filter aid is continuously accumulated on the surface of the filter screen to form a high-precision filter layer.
When the filter layer meets the requirements, switch the valve to send the dirty liquid to start filtration.
With the accumulation of more and more impurities on the surface of the filter layer, the filtering amount is less and less. After reaching the preset differential pressure or time, the system stops filtering and discharges the waste oil in the barrel into the sump.

● Dehydration Process
The impurities and dirty oil in the sump tank are sent to the dewatering device through the diaphragm pump.
The system uses compressed air to press out the liquid in the cylinder and return to the dirty liquid tank through the one-way valve on the door cover.
After the liquid removal is completed, the pressure of the system is relieved, and the solid falls into the slag receiving truck from the liquid removal drum.

Customer Cases

Junker Grinder
Great Wall Motor

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