4New PS Series Pressurized Return Pump Station

Short Description:

● With 30 years of experience in design, production and service of large-scale centralized filtration system, the equipment has high reliability, excellent performance and high cost performance compared with imported products.

● Return pump station have been successfully applied to the production lines of famous customers such as Great Wall, Volkswagen and Ventilator for many times.

● Replace the chip conveyor, replace up to 30% of the workshop area, and improve the terrace efficiency.

● Fully automatic operation, centralized processing of cutting fluid and chips to improve human efficiency.

● Bring the open chip dirty liquid into the pipeline for transportation to reduce air pollution.

Product Detail

4New Pressurized Liquid Return Station

● The return pump station consists of a cone bottom return tank, a cutting pump, a liquid level gauge and an electric control box.

● Various types and shapes of cone bottom return tanks can be used for various machine tools. The specially designed cone bottom structure makes all the chips pumped away without accumulation and maintenance.

● One or two cutting pumps can be installed on the box, which can be adapted to imported brands such as EVA, Brinkmann, Knoll, etc., or PD series cutting pumps independently developed by 4New can be used.

● The liquid level gauge is durable and reliable, providing low liquid level, high liquid level and overflow alarm liquid level.


● The electric cabinet is usually powered by the machine tool to provide automatic operation control and alarm output for the return pump station. When the liquid level gauge detects a high liquid level, the cutting pump starts; When low liquid level is detected, the cutter pump is shut down; When abnormal overflow liquid level is detected, the alarm lamp will light up and output the alarm signal to the machine tool, which can cut off the liquid supply (delay).

Customer Cases

The pressurized return pump system can be customized according to customer requirements and working conditions.


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